Weed Warriors of Teaneck Creek Conservancy

Like conservation areas around the nation, Teaneck Creek Park is being overrun by non-native invasive plant species which threaten a wide range of native vegetation. Next to habitat loss, invasives are the single largest cause of species extinction worldwide. The site studies identified over 245 plant species on our grounds, with over 90 of them classified as non-native invasive plants.

Maintaining a comprehensive and effective plan to control exotic weeds on our site is a critical component of our restoration plan. Teaneck Creek Conservancy maintains the biodiversity of this eco-system through the efforts of an all-volunteer force called the Weed Warriors.

In the several years since the trails first opened they have made incredible progress.

The Teaneck Creek Conservancy’s Weed Warrior program is modeled on the similar program created by the Nature Conservancy.  A Weed Warrior “Hit List” was established and a strategic plan was outlined. After an initial training, volunteers work independently, or in groups to maintain an invasive-free buffer zone on either side of the park’s trails. Volunteers typically work 2 to 3 hours a week and crews are found throughout the park year round.

Individuals and groups are invited to participate. All ages and abilities are welcomed. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Newcomers are always welcomed. To find out more or to join our dedicated crew, reach us through our contact page.

For more information about plant-specific management of the Conservancy’s Hit List, click on the plants pictured in our sidebars. To download a Volunteer Sign up Form click here.

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